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«married but looking for sex...»

married-looking (12K)

«...Imagine my surprise that this man...who I might add is older than me-a, pursued me-b, and was rather demanding about me dropping everything and meeting me right away-c, would send that to me after several email exchanges.

Now....I say on my profile that I am married, I do not hide it. I do not share the details with the general public of that relationship...but I would hardly judge someone on here.....let alone a single may wonder why he can't pick up a chick the normal way?
ok...that was mean...but...geeze....I'm not immune to name calling either and....thanks for confirming my worst thoughts of myself.....I think I'll go slink back to my corner now.

And don't get me wrong...I'm not "crushed" because of his "rejection"...I might point out he was hot to trot when he thought I was single tho.... but because of how it was done and what was said, no need to be mean ever, unless you intentionally want to hurt someone. And he doesn't even know me, why would he desire to hurt me in that way? last note.....judge not lest ye be judged luv, for no one amongst us is without sin...»

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«...married but looking for fun...»

wife_cheating_online (11K)

Yes, I'm a MARRIED MAN! Cue the theme song "Married Man" from the John Boy and Billy Big Show radio show. But I don't drive around in a mini van and I don't have any kids. It's just my wife and I.

Now don't get me wrong, I love my wife. I just wish her sex drive was more like it once was say 10 or 15 years ago - more like the Energizer Rabbit. Now it's nearly non existant. I know it has to do with her hormones and she does have a problem with them. I just wish she would do something about them and get them checked out.

I do miss sex! I have not had sex since October 2006! I still have a somewhat high sex drive. I miss the intimacy, the licking, sucking, fucking, cumming! I miss eating pussy and licking ass! Having pussy juice run down my chin while I dine at the Y or having my fingers wet while I finger a pussy and suck a clit. Oral sex is my specialty and I love doing it for hours if possible.

See, this is what a Married Man knows and what a Married Man can provide to a woman lacking in being provided some good oral loving. Some people only see this as a cheating husband. Well, yes and no. Yes, I'm cheating but I have been cheating myself from what I desire and need. I need that fulfillment of knowing that I have given someone some great pleasure. Since my wife does not desire sex, I must look elsewhere.

Before her sexual candle blew out, she could and would jump my bones, make the first move, stroke my ego and my cock, get on top and buck like a bronco until she would drench me in her juices. Now, nothing. Absolutely nothing. She is undergoing meonpause. And it's not a "pause". It is a complete stop! It has put the brakes on our sex life.

So, do you blame me? This is why I'm seeking others. I need to exercise my tongue at least. I don't require reciprocation although I would not turn it down.

And making friends on here is great. I have made friends on this site. I have been intimate with only one so far and that was only orally - delishious, tasty and oh so wet she was - my first ebony woman's pussy. But I do correspond with other on this site and wish to continue doing so.

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«Cheating is ONLY extramarital...»

married but looking

Let me be specific: cheating is ONLY extramarital. If you're not married, then it is not cheating. I know you will disagree with me, but let it ride for now.

People like to get technical and divide cheating into either emotional or physical. Men damn physical cheating and women damn emotional cheating - generally speaking.

Those who get all upset about cheating make it a question of loyalty and betrayal. Those who wonder what all the fuss is about see it as a matter of pride and hurt feelings.

Biologically, men want to raise children that are theirs, not some other man's and women want to secure the resources he brings in for her own offspring regardless of paternity. Children are born cute to secure the care of both parents.

Okay, we've got that. There are problems with it. If you profess to love her, then the child is half-hers and what kind of man are you if you take vengeance upon a child. If you profess to love him what kind of woman are you that you cannot help secure a child that is half-his. Punishing the erring parent by destroying the child is damning.

Once you're beyond considerations of children, you get into questions of does sex equal love, issues of pride, and exactly what love is - how one defines it. Assuredly love does not 'conquer all' because people are getting divorced. So love must be a weak and feeble thing whose quality depends only upon the other person's behavior. Not that there aren't good reasons to get divorced, there are quite a few, but should cheating really be one of them - many states no longer consider adultery grounds for divorce - so perhaps not.

How secure are you? Is your love a weak and feeble thing or is it big, bad, and vigorous? How jealous are you?

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Married but Looking for an Affair

Is it possible to find this type of relationship with a normal man? I am looking for a married or stable man to have a great connection with and see what happens. I am married and that won't change so discretion will need to be used. I am hoping to find a professional, athletic, fun and witty man to have some fun with.
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