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I don't really like to talk about my situation but I'll be glad to let my wife explain to u why she left me because she was gay couldn't get along with her lover had a stroke can't take care of herself. If I divorce her my insurance won't cover her care. She is still my best friend even if she doesn't remember why. The other three women in my life including her exlover understand this. That's because they were never lied to and were friends first and lovers later and knew exactly what they were getting into. The only reason I'm here is because my lovers have matured and have their own lives. I supported one while she went to med school, one is graduating from law school next year they will always be in my life and the person who is with me will know that. I never wanted this life it is harder to have more than one LOVER than most people will ever know but I wouldn't change a thing now. Just so u know I was married for thirty five wonderful years before my wife had a stroke.
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Find married but looking for a date, New Zealand


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As I think about the many years I have been married, and many things I have survived through it all, I have at times ask wy I stay. Simply pt deep down I do love him despite his faults and closed mindedness. He is my best friend and lots of time that overrides everything else in life. Knowing he will be there for me to listen , even if he doesn't agree, the respect he usually gives me.

Why do I do what I do, because I have needs he cannot meet, and I am not that old. Something inside of me dies without the sex satisfaction in my life. So I enjoy my friends, quietly and discreetly, then come home and be the wife he needs to be.

Who is to tell what is right or wrong. I am sure many of you have your opinions of what I do. But you aren't me and I am very unique. I don't think conjointly, never have , never will.

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Best time I had with a man I met on this site was one of my earliest encounters after joining . He had described himself as tall, married to his work and looking for fun. We started chatting on line and progressed to phone calls very late at night. It worked well for both of us, since we were both night owls. He had the sexiest voice I have ever heard, the kind that makes you want to melt or at least want to listen for hours.Finally we met up and it was the hottest, steamiest sex I have ever had. He is very well endowed,and well experienced in every way. Fucked me silly for hours in all different ways and somehow managed not to cum. Standing up against the wall for starters in bed, on the floor and even on the radiator in my bedroom.We finally ended up back on the bed. I don't know how many times I came, but it was absolutely the best sex I had in ages. Left me hot and sweaty and totally satisfied.It was like he knew me inside and out, knew what would work, where and and how to touch me, when to stroke me gently and then change to hard and fast. How I even managed to walk after being that well fucked is beyond me. He finally came as I was climaxing yet again and it was sooooo good. This was the hottest steamiest sex I had ever had in my life...but the best part was what he did for me on the inside. Gave me back the part that I thought I had lost in a previous relationship that went south. Showed me that I still had the "right stuff" and could have it all if I chose to. Thanks babe... You know who you are...

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